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Catering Services

Golden Grove Retreat works hand in hand with Kingola's Kitchen. With innovative homemade produce, including their own kombucha and granola, Kingola's Kitchen specialises in vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well as Thai cuisine. With a focus on providing healthy and tasty dishes, enjoy a meal that satisfies both your desire for good food and your health.


Experience the unique flavours of Kingola's Kitchen or feel free to provide your own catering using our fully equipped kitchen at no extra price.


Pricing is approximate

£35 per person per day - 3 meals

- includes a morning and afternoon snack

Let us know if you would like to include catering and we will provide an up to date quote, or contact Kingola's Kitchen at the details below.

Sample Menu.jpg

Sample Retreat Menu

Let's Work Together

Brynn Evans

Kingola's Kitchen



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