Join a Retreat

True healing comes from nourishing the mind, body and soul. When these are healthy and in harmony, happiness is the natural result. Take time out of your busy schedule and join us to connect with yourself, nature and our planet.

Let your mind be nourished through meditation practice and quiet, thoughtful time in our tranquil surrounds combined with an uninterupted  deep silence that will allow you the rest and rejuvenate. Your body will be worked and soothed through yoga as well as hot (sauna) and cold (plunge pool) extremes known to help respiration and circulation (and even possible links to reduction in dementia). Finally, our healthy organic food menus are locally sourced and designed to nourish your gut-biome offering so many benefits and lessons for your long term health.

Golden Grove Retreat offers a unique retreat experience for up to 12 people with accommodation in two comfortable safari lodges tucked away in nature. Retreat activities/therapies take place in the main house, the sauna barn and the yoga barn (coming 2021).