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New 2023 Retreats listed

Hi Golden Grove Retreat family,

Thank you so much for subscribing to our website. We are happy to have you on board and are reeling with excitement with what we have planned for you in 2023.

Apologies for having been so quiet but we have been busy adding awesome features to Golden Grove Retreat and planning and booking lots of wonderful retreats for 2023.

My name is Louise, and my partner is Rob. Together, over lockdown, we converted our home/Airbnb to a retreat centre and it has gone from strength to strength attracting beautiful souls like yourself from all over the country. We could not be more grateful for this opportunity to offer our venue, meet like-minded people and grow as a community as we spend time together in nature, practising, learning and growing as individuals and collectively.

We were both born in Africa, I’m from Kenya and Rob is from South Africa and together we bring a love for all things natural and an eye and flare for African design and vibrancy. Our strong belief in manifesting and teamwork has turned simple ideas into design realities which we are both very proud of and want to share with you.

We are always active, creative and looking for new opportunities, new ideas and new people to enjoy life’s challenges with. We have combined our love for exercise, healthy eating and spirituality, with my yoga instructing skills, spiritual beliefs and knowledge of the body to create a retreat centre for everyone to enjoy.

When we are not here, you will find us sailing somewhere on our beautiful oceans and we hope you will enjoy following us as we aim to find our balance between serving you and encouraging you to live your best life too.

Most importantly, we have just listed several new retreats for 2023. I highly recommend you go to the retreats page of the website (here) and see if anything catches your eye. All of these teachers are amazing and come with an array of qualifications to match. We will also be listing some of our own retreats so if you have any specific desires for a retreat then do let us know.

As there is so much to share I shall try not to overload you. We will be blogging more regularly in 2023 and bringing new retreats online throughout the year. We hope to see you here soon. If you would like to get in touch and any time, ouir website has a contact and a chat feature for you.

Until next time.....

Love and light

Lou and Rob

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