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Meet Sophie - The Aligned Academy

With natural style and huge charisma, Sophie Busst has built a successful and highly regarded business with instinctive leadership. An honest and assertive female who spares you the overthinking. Sophie is insightful and deeply spiritual.

With a planetary combination of sun in Scorpio, moon in Aries, rising through Leo, you won’t be surprised to learn that spending time with Sophie is a hoot! There are plenty of laughs, abundant cwtches, support to rival the strongest scaffolding – all with warmth and genuine love for your development.

Sophie began her own wellbeing journey when a friend encouraged her to join an Bikram class at a point where she was recovering from a bereavement and self-care was not on the list of things to do. Her work at the time was in the education sector specialising on supporting individuals with additional needs.

The focus and discipline required to incorporate core strength and playful postures into her personal practice gave Sophie the inspiration to undertake an intensive training programme to become a qualified Yoga instructor.

Sophie holds a 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa moedified series ( designed to suit all levels of yoga). She strives to build strength and confidence in her students and encourages them to reach their full potential. Alongside her ashtaga practice she is qualified in Rocket Yoga (200hr)

With 6 years’ experience of studio environment tuition and progressive self-development, Sophie now works at several studios across Swansea Bay and owns her own wellbeing business called The Aligned Academy.

The brand offers services for beginner’s yogis through to expert inversion tuition, and the physical practice is complimented with life coaching and visionary planning – focussing on the individual’s goals and encouraging new plans and a route to success.

An experienced Astrologer with qualifications in Human Designer Reading, Sophie works with her clients to allow them to discover their purpose and assists them to achieve their aspirations. You’ll catch her reading, learning and growing, she is never still!

Host of carefully curated retreats in the UK and internationally, each year has a wide offering of getaways, all focussed on the path of mindful and safe spirituality and encouraging the belief in oneself.

A Swansea gal who loves to travel – adventure is big part of Sophie’s fulfilment. She has copious energy stores and seems to get more energy when the sun shines! or sitting in the sun with a great pod cast, or in the company of like-minded high-vibe people with a grazing board and a Porn Star Martini !

Sophie’s goal is to develop a community who all have the energy and belief to make the world a better place – there is laughter, positivity and enthusiasm wherever she goes.

Sophie is a regular host at Golden Grove Retreat so if you would like to join one of her retreats then please contact us or join/register for one of her retreats on our site.

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