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January Rejuvenation with Anya Hawkes

Last weekend we had the pleasure of having Anya Hawkes run one of her incredible retreats at Golden Grove Retreat.

Anya's retreat was beautifully restoring and community-focused and offered a wonderful combination of some of her signature styles of yoga, which left us feeling brand new after just 3 nights!

Anya practiced intelligent, inclusive yoga in our warm, purpose-built infra-red heated studio looking out to the stars. We enjoyed sunrise yoga, chats and giggles in the hot tub as we all made new friends, indulged ourselves in our aroma sauna and cold-water dipping! The cold water plunging is becoming more and more poular as people are realising the incredible benefits which are experienced.

The highlight of the retreat, for me, was her divine restorative aerial yoga workshop with a sound bath as we have just invested in our own aeriel yoga swings. A definite game changer. I love, love, love the feeling of floating in space whilst being soothed by crystal healing bowls.

We also embarked on a chakra journey. During this journey we explored the seven main energy centers of our body known as chakras. Through meditation and visualizations we uncovered the power of each chakra and learnt how to open up to new possibilities.

At Golden Grove Retreat, we believe that yoga is a way to connect to our inner self and to be at one with nature. Our retreats give the opportunity to relax, restore and rejuvenate while also learning new skills and making new friends. So, come and join us and experience the joy of yoga!


We have an incredible discount for our Awaken Retreat on the 31st March to the 2nd April.There are only 3 spaces left and they are going for £300.

Link to this retreat.


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